5 Walking Routes in Shieldaig, Scotland

A Guide to Walking Holidays in Scotland

The village of Shieldaig and its surroundings are a hugely popular destination for both hill walkers and climbers, which will come as no surprise for those that have been to northwest Scotland. It is located on the edge of Loch Shieldaig, which is an offshoot of Loch Torridon. Here you’d be hard pressed not to be awestruck by the expansive mountains of Torridon in Wester Ross and outstanding wilderness surrounding the region.


Beinn Eighe

What makes this location ideal for ramblers is the fact that there are so many walks to choose from, with various degrees of difficulty. From beginners looking for a beautiful location and easy stroll, to a serious rambler looking for a real challenge, there is a route to suit almost everyone.

Open your mind and let your senses come alive in Scotland, a country perfect for walking. Whether you’re after a gentle countryside wander amongst trees and rivers, a blustery coastal walk along pebble stone beaches or a mountainous trek through beautiful wilderness, Shieldaig is the ideal destination for walking holidays in Scotland.

1) Visitor Centre Trails, Beinn Eighe

Starting with an easier walk, we have the visitor centre trails. The walk takes place in the Beinn Eighe National Nature Reserve, so you can enjoy the fantastic views of Beinn Eighe and Siloch.


Photo Credit: www.transientlight.co.uk


This is a walk, which anyone can enjoy, although there is one steep section, so only the first half is accessible to wheelchairs, prams and those with limited physical abilities. The paths are well constructed and defined, with a distance of 1.5km or 0.75 miles, which should only take about 30 minutes to an hour.

2) Loch Torridon Boathouse Walk

Another one of the easier Shieldaig walks on our list is the Loch Torridon Boathouse walk. This walk is ideal for any nature lover hoping to spot some of the local wildlife. It includes a part of the shoreline, working your way back through woodland and rhododendrons. The path is clearly marked so it should be easy enough to find your way around.


Loch Torridon, Photo Credit: www.bobhamiltonphotography.com

Quite simply, this is one of the most beautiful walks in Scotland with stunning views across Loch Torridon with access to the shoreline, which is ideal for wildlife spotting. Roughly 2km in length, this walk should take most people an hour to complete and there’s plenty of local pubs and restaurants to spend the afternoon in nearby.

3) Aird Mhor and the Falls of Balgy

For a slightly longer and more challenging walk we have the Aird Mhor and the Falls of Balgy, offering magnificent views of both the mountains and sea.

The distance is 7.5km or 4.5 miles and should take about two to two and a half hours to complete. There are marked paths throughout, but you should be wary of a particular section by the Falls of Balgry. Some find this area a bit more difficult to walk through as the terrain is a little rough and can be a somewhat wet. Care should be taken when you reach this area.


Photo Credit: www.walkhighlands.co.uk

It goes without saying that the scenery on this walk is particularly stunning. The diverse landscapes speak for themselves, from pinewood forests to picturesque shorelines with dramatic mountainous backdrops. If you want really immerse yourself on holiday in Scotland, then this walk is an absolute must!

4) Loch Coulin and Loch Clair

This scenic walk consists of a nearly flat circuit of Loch Coulin. Along the way you will be able to enjoy some truly breathtaking scenery, including views of Beinn Eighe and Liathach.


Photo Credit: www.britainexpress.com

This route is of particular interest to birdwatchers and wildlife enthusiasts; offering lovely and varied scenery. The distance is 9km or 5.5 miles and should take about two and a half to three and a half hours.

As one of the tamer walking routes in Shieldaig this one’s a popular one. But don’t let that put you off, there’s a good reason for it and it’s certainly one that you can’t miss.

5) Mountain Trail, Beinn Eighe NNR

Last one and one of our most difficult walks on our list of walking holidays in Scotland. With a collection of mountain peaks and vast ancient pinewood forests, you can imagine the terrain is rocky and very steep in some areas.

The Beinn Eighe Mountain Trail is a walking route for those who have a little more experience and we suggest wearing proper walking boots and wind/waterproof clothing.


Of course, the walk is well worth it as you will experience some fantastic views and various different habitats. Expect to see soaring golden eagles on the way and a tremendous diversity of wildlife in its natural habitat. Note: be careful in winter as this walking route is subject to heavy snow cover.

The total distance for this walk is 6.5km or 4 miles and takes roughly three to four hours to undertake.

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