5 Reasons to Book a Self-Catering Holiday in Scotland this Summer

Summer holidays are often equated with trips across the pond of a lazy couple of weeks in a beach location far away – however, we often forget that our very own British isles have plenty on offer as well.

Self-catering holidays in Scotland have become increasingly popular in recent years, and it’s not difficult to see why. Here are just 5 reasons why you should consider booking a Scottish getaway this summer.

Luxury Holiday Homes


Just because you’re in self-catered accommodation doesn’t mean you’re stranded in a shack or deserted bothy in the middle of nowhere. Luxury holiday homes in Scotland have become very common, with every desire catered for to make sure you have a holiday that rivals anything you’ll find abroad.

Many homes are finished to a very high standard, with comfortable beds, quality linen and towels, toiletries that wouldn’t be out of place in a 5-star hotel, as well as contemporary furniture mixed with traditional styles.

Outdoor Activities in Scotland


Image Credit: www.seafreedomkayak.co.uk

The Scottish Highlands in particular offer dream locations for those that love the outdoors. Whether you like the challenge of competition or you just want a picturesque stroll, there’s something for everyone.

For example, you can kayak or take a boat tour on the Lochs. Or perhaps you want to take the challenge of the Celtman triathlon? Perhaps a round of golf is closer to your comfort zone? Whatever it is, the Highlands have it.

Shieldaig Dining and Traditional Pubs, Scotland


Image Credit: www.coolplaces.co.uk

Many assume that quality restaurants are rare and that local pubs shut before you have time to finish your first ale – that’s simple not the case! Highland villages have become popular with tourists and you’ll have plenty of options to keep things interesting, but it will never get so busy that you’ll feel claustrophobic.

There’s a good mixture of fine dining as well as the traditional no-frills Scottish pub food. You can be in an expensive establishment that rivals any London restaurant one night, while enjoying tasty ales by the fire in the local pub the next.

Some of the best places to explore include; the Loch Torridon Smoke House, which serves up some of the best smoked salmon in the Scottish Highlands; The local Tigh and Eilean Hotel in Shieldaig which offers freshly cooked pizza from their own pizza oven and If you are looking for ‘Exquisite cuisine in a stunning location’  then you are well catered for with The Torridon Hotel located only ten minutes away from the Shieldaig village. (pictured above)

Give Yourself a Break From the World

relaxing-beaches-An Cos

If you’ve ever been on a beach holiday abroad, then you know what it’s like to fight for real estate once you hit the sand. It can be an absolute nightmare, with stress levels matching anything you experience in your office cubicle.

The self-catered Scottish holiday experience provides guests with the opportunity to truly unwind and relax, with many locations being remote enough to feel as if you’ve truly disconnected from pressures of the digital world.

Sheldaig: A Home Away From Home

 home-away-from-home-An Cos

The problem with the hotel or B&B experience is that you never quite feel at home. Luxury holiday homes in Scotland give guests the opportunity to feel as if you’re somewhere familiar, while still giving you an upgraded self-catering living experience that rivals the very best hotels and private holiday accommodations.

You won’t have to worry about the cleaner turning up in the middle of your lie-in, nor will you have to shake your head at the latest all-inclusive meal offering. Many Scottish holiday cottages come with a packed kitchen that give you everything you need to whip up tasty meals you just won’t get from your average hotel. And there’s nothing quite like the independence and that homely feel!