What’s on This Summer in Scotland’s Northwest Highlands

The Northwest Highlands come alive during the summer, with locals setting up a wide variety of events that cater to every interest and age group. Whether you’re into the outdoors or just want to enjoy the company of friends and family with a sampling of local ale in hand, the Highlands has something for you. These are just some of the events taking place this summer.

Celtman! Extreme Scottish Triathlon – June 28th, 2014

A dash of 3.8k, with 202k added on for good measure, finished off with a sprinkle of 42k. That’s the recipe for the triathlon of your life, aka Celtman. If you’re up for a physical challenge, then sign up for this extreme event that takes place around midsummer’s day.


Winner of the 2012 Event of the Year, this Shieldaig event will ensure your Scottish Highland holiday is one to remember. In addition to physical aspect, you’ll also be able to enjoy some of the most stunning views anywhere in Europe. The area is known for its sweeping landscapes and breath-taking scenery.

Unfortunately we’re told that the event actually sold out in first few hours it was posted on web.  But great for spectators or anyone who wants to see if they are up for the challenge next year!

Make sure you take your pick from the great selection of holiday homes in Shieldaig, giving you a proper chance to recover!

Midsummer’s Day – June 24th, 2014

If picturesque pink skies sound right up your alley, then Midsummer’s Day is one that you shouldn’t miss. It doesn’t get dark till almost midnight, with sunrise following just a few short hours later.


It’s the perfect setting for one of those long summer days, enjoying the company of friends and family (and perhaps a few glasses of wine!). The aesthetic value of the day shouldn’t be underestimated – you will get lost in the beauty of nature, even if you’re a city slicker.

Highland Games – Various Dates

The Highland Games celebrate traditional Scottish heritage, taking place on various dates throughout the year and in several localities. You’ve got your kilts, the bagpipes, as well as the strongman events that have become emblematic.


You don’t have to compete or even understand the games to take part. There are plenty of other attractions, including food, stalls, and good company. These are some specific dates and locations where you can enjoy the games:

Applecross Games – 26/27 July 2014

Lochcarron Games – 19 July 2014

Remember, the funds are usually given to good local causes so it’s a great way to give back to the community. Get involved!

Shieldaig Fete – First Saturday in August

Taking place yearly, this traditional event is the epitome of life in the Scottish Highlands. There is something for the entire family, with activities to suit young and old.

The festivities start around 2pm, with stalls and games available for everyone. There are raffles, BBQ’s, bouncy castles, drinks and food, a traditional ice cream van, and more. The ceilidh in the street takes place during the evening, rain or shine!

All of these events can be enjoyed while being based in one of the local Highland villages. Places such as Shieldaig have been growing wildly in popularity, offering a taste of local delicacies and atmosphere from the comforts of a top holiday cottage in Scotland.